Pulse Jet Angle Type Dust Collector Valve 

Jupiter Controls provides variety of Pulse Type Solenoid Valve, these type of valves are known for theirdurability and long lasting life so it is prefered by clients all over the world.

  • Body and Bonnet Construction: Aluminium Pressure Die Cast
  • Diaphragm: Nitrile or Neoprene(Reinforced) P.U
  • Temperature: Rated for 80℃ max. For high temperature upto 125℃ Viton diaphragm with viton seat can be provided
  • Pressure Rating: 0.6 bar to 8.5 bar max.
  • IP 20(IS 2147) Solenoid Coil: General Purpose
  • IP 65(IS 2147) Solenoid Coil: For Waterproof application
  • Group I, IIA, IIB & IIC(IS 2148): For Explosion/Flame – Proof application
  • Coil rating: Continuous rated
  • Voltage: 24,48,110,220 volts AC, 50 Hz, 12,24,48,110,220 Volts DC
  • Specially designed for reverse jet-type dust collector systems
  • High flow Cv(s) to 140 for effective bag cleaning
  • High cycle life and fast opening/closing
  • High quality polyacetal (POM) piston cartridge provides a long operating life and a large temperature range
  • Quick mount connection eliminates thread cutting and sealing
  • Integral operators have molded epoxy coils, with available options
  • Valves may be mounted in any position
pneumatic_diaphragm_valve dust_collector