Pneumatic Power Cylinder  

Pneumatic Power Cylinder – Pneumatic Regulating

Electro Pneumatic Power Cylinder


Power cylinder double acting cylinder, positioner (either pneumatic control / Electro pneumatic control) and suitable link mechanism.The mountings at rod end and cap end are customized. Jupiter Cntrols Power cylinder has been designed to operate as an actuator in pneumatic control system to position the actuator in accordance with the control signal.Electrical control : 4 to 20 mAPneumatic control : 0.2 to 1 bar


Technical Specifications:

Medium                      : Compressed air

Filtration                     :< 5 micron

Moisture                     :Dew point -1 O0 less than ambient min

Oil                              :Non lube preferred - Cylinders are pre - lubed

Supply pressure        :1.4 to 7 bar

Control signal :

Pneumatic                 :0.2 to 1 bar

Electrical                   :4 to 20mA

Temperature range :

Min                            :0o C

Max                           :70o C

Accuracy                  :± 1% F.S

Hysteresis                :± 1% F.S

Sensitivity                 :± 0.5% F.S

Repeatability            :± 0.5% F.S

Material of Construction :

Cylinder Barrel

Aluminium alloy, fine drawn, calibrated, and hard anodized up to 200 mm

Carbon-steel, finish honed and hard-chrome-plated above 200mm

Piston Rod

Stainless steel AlSl 420 up to 200 mm bore

Medium carbon steel grade En8 above 200mm

End covers

Aluminium die casting up to 200 mm bore

Cast-iron /Zinc plated Mild steel above 200 mm bore

Link mechanism

Zinc plated carbon steel


NBR (standard )

Viton (Optional on request)

Material of Construction :

The Power cylinder is a standard pneumatic cylinder whose stroke positioning is regulated by pneumatic/electro-pneumatic feed back signal. The stroke positioning is made by altering electro pneumatic control signal value (4 mA for zero stroke and 20 mA for full stroke). In between stroke is proportional to the band width of 16mA. Similarly in Pneumatic control positioning the signal of 0.2 bar for Zero stroke and 1 bar for full stroke

The Positioner and the Link mechanism are fitted on the top of the cylinder with a rigid bracket. The link mechanism is connected to the piston rod. The feed back cam moves along with the piston rod and provides the feedback signal to the positioner to position the cylinder in line with the control signal
Accessories :

All standard mountings and accessories are available to customer's choice.

Additional Features:

  • Manual override attachment with clutch

  • Air-lock valves to obtain fail safe stay put position

  • Volume boosters to increase stroking rate

  • Limit switches

  • Position transmitters

  • Gaiter for piston rod protection



Furnace Burner Nozzles

Butterfly Valves

Ball Valves

Gate Valves