Pneumatic Cylinder Pneumatic Valve 

We Jupiter Controls  are in the field of Pneumatic Machine Automation since last 8 years.We are the first manufactures in India who manufacture Pneumatic Cylinders in Stainless Steel Pipes in sizes from 12 mm to 500 mm bore and 15 mm to 3000 mm stoke.
The advantages of Stainless Steel Pipes are that they never make Barrel corrosive and due to very smooth surface, the working of Cylinders are being fast and trouble free.
The Cylinders are also manufactured in Aluminum barrel too. We are suppling Cylinders to all kinds of process & Chemical,Refineries & Petrochemicals,Fertilizers,Drugs & Pharmaceuticals,Thermal Power Stations,Nuclear & Atomic Power Stations,Textiles Dyes & Intermediates, Paints & Varnishes, Suger, Breweries & Distilleries, Soaps & Detergents, Steel Plants, Food & Oil Industry, Solvent Extraction Plants, Sewage, Effluent & Water Treatment, Coolig Water, Ship Yards and Marine Management, Water Works, Pulp & Paper, LPG Bottling Plants, Onshore & Offshore Platforms, Slurry & Ash handlig.
With a view of enhancing our customers’ preference of having a ‘ONE STOP SHOP’,Jupiter Controls has constantly worked on enhancing its product profile. Within each business, we have a dedicated team of professionals totally focused on suppling their position.
Our factory is guided by a group of experienced workforce with wide experience in their scope.We had prepared express strides in knowledge and act and are now a days accepted by our respected clients as the most consistent “ONE STOP SHOP” for their flexible requirement of Automated Valves.Their continuous support bears ample acknowledgment for the confidence reposed in Jupiter Controls .
We are passionate about manufacturing automated pneumatic operated valves,solenoid valves continuosly improving what we do it.We strive to build strong partnership with our customers,suppliers,agents and distributors.

Manual Directional Valves:
We Provide high quality & variety of manual Direction Control Valve at Competitive Prices.

FRL Units:
Our FRL units are available from size "1/8" to "2".morever,it can be customized according to customer requirement.
With the on going success of our Jupiter Controls brand products.we have introduced new product name MOISTURE SEPARATOR with the brand name of Jupiter Controls which has gain great acceptability among our valued Clients and have received repeat orders for the same.Mechanical Auto Drain Valve and Oil Removal Filter,