Pinch Valve 

Jupiter Controls pinch valves are seat less and gland less valves. They have field replaceable elastomer sleeve, highly abrasive resistant due to elastomer sleeve and are 100 % Leak tight. We make sure that our pinch valve maintained, easy to service and economical. 
The sleeve provide the valve lining, flange gaskets, and seating surface all in one. Pinch Valves are best suited to handle highly corrosive slurry. When abrasive particles strike elastomer surfaces, the impact is absorbed and then deflected back into the particle; this resiliency allows elastomer surfaces to wear at a much slower rate than metals or even ceramic surfaces. We provide Pinch Valve with cam actuator, electric actuator, gear operated, Manual Pinch Valve, pneumatic cylinder operated etc., Pneumatic Pinch Valve, Industrial Pinch Valve, Manual Pinch Valve, Corrosion Resistant Pinch Valves, Gear Operated Pinch Valve, Industrial Open Body Pinch Valve,
Jupiter Pinch Valve are reliable, maintenance free, Cost-effective valves design for slurry, abrasive and corrosive –chemical application. There are no seats to grind and no stuffing box to repack and no packing gland to adjust, ever. The pinching action is on centre line so valve closes on smooth venturi and is self-cleaning.
The heart of this unique pinch valve is the durable, Flexible rubber sleeve which is reinforced with high-strength fabric. The sleeve, which is the only part of the valve exposed to the line process, eliminate maintenance and the need for expensive materials. Additionally, valve operation will not freeze, and operating torques remain constant. The design principle is very simple-two mechanical pinch bars open and close the elastomer sleeve.
Because of its excellent control characteristics, the Manual Pinch Valve can be used as a variable orifice. Few manual valves have this throttling advantage. Plus, zero leakage is maintained bi-directionally. A number of options are available, such as the Pneumatic Operated, Gear Operated, Electrical Actuated.
The flange of the pinch valve can be supplied in accordance to BS, DIN, ASA & IS dimensions The range for the valve is from 15 mm TO 300 mm.












· Same face to face as ball , plug & gate valves up to 12”

· 100% full port.

· Bidirectional drop-tight shut off.

· No Packing require ever to maintain.

· Sleeve is only wetted parts, no need for alloy body.

· Self cleaning.

· Excellent throttling characteristics.

· Flexible sleeve isolate the valve working parts.

· Two pinching bar close on center line , eliminating turbulence and wear, and provide a smooth closing venture that self-clean with each operation.

Non contaminating ,essentially safe design eliminates fugitive emission problem