Forged Steel Lift Check Valve "Non Return Valve"

Suitable For Horizontal Line Only
Socket Weld / Butt Weld / Screwed End Connection
Reduced Bore / Standard Bore
Pressure Rating up to 1500#
Size Range up to 2” (DN 50)

Jupiter Controls valve Forged Steel Lift Check Valves are manufactured as per BS-5352/API 602 Standard and Tested to BS EN ISO 12266-1 Standard. Jupiter Controlsdesigned piston type horizontal lift type check valve incorporating self-cushioning effect.

Body Guided piston assuring accurate return to seat ring to achieve leak tightness. Jupiter Controls range covers Regular Port and Standard Port both types of Forged Steel Check Valve. Regular Port non return valves have fast delivery or ready stock, for Standard Port check valve do manufactuing on order basis. Jupiter Controls offer Forged Steel Check Valve in wide range of Body Material like ASTM A 105 - Forged Carbon Steel, ASTM A 182 F 304/304L/316/316L - Forgated Stainless Steel 304/304L/316/316L, ASTM A 182 F 11/22 - Alloy Steel to suit industrial application.

Jupiter Controls Forged Steel Lift Check valves are available under any Third party inspection also. For High Pressure & Temperature application Stellited F6 Face Seat & Disc available. Forged Check Valve available is Threaded End, Socket Weld End, Butt Weld End and Flanged End Connection. For Flanged End Forged Steel Lift Check Valve flanges will be a welded with a valve body not integral forged.Forged Horizontal Check Valve,Forged Steel Horizontal Non Return Valve



















Salient Features :

A Compact But Extremely Sturdy Design for High Pressure & Temperature Service

Bolted Cover Design

Piston Type Body Guide Disc

Assure Perfect Alignment of Disc & Seat Ring

Material of Construction :

Body & Cover

ASTM A 105 (Forged Carbon Steel)

ASTM A 182 F 304 / 304L (Forged Stainless Steel 304 / 304L)

ASTM A 182 F 316 / 316L (Forged Stainless Steel 316 / 316L)

ASTM A 182 F 11 / F 22 (Forged Alloy Steel)

Disc & Seat

AISI 410 (S.S. 410 – 13% Cr. Steel)

AISI 304 (S.S. 304)

AISI 316 (S.S. 316)

AISI 304L (S.S. 304L)

AISI 316L (S.S. 316L)

Stellited Hard Face on Seat & Disc

Options :

Other Material of Construction

Flanged End, Flange Welded to Body, Rating 150# / 300# / 600#/800#

Butt Weld (Welded Neck) / Socket Weld / Screwed (BSP/NPT) Connection

Seat & Disc Stellited Hard Face

Special Trims on Request

Applications :

Power Plants & Process Industries

Fertilizers Plants

Sugar Industries & Distillery Plants

Water, Steam, Gas, Oil & other Non-aggressive media

Other application on request

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