Flush Bottom Ball Valve


Single Piece Simple Design Flush Bottom Ball Valve Flanged End Connection Flush Bottom Ball Valve Manual Lever / Gear / Pneumatic Operated Flush Bottom Ball Valve


Jupiter Controls  offers a range of Flush Bottom Ball Valves. Jupiter Controls Flush Bottom Ball Valves have been proven in service application,High performance Flush Bottom Ball Valve as per international design to get 100% Client Satisfaction and repeat order with total interchangeability, superior quality, workmanship & service. Generally Flush Bottom Ball Valve body is modified by adding Inlet oversize flanges. As example: 2" x 3" Flush Bottom Ball Valve has the nominal bore of 2" (DN 50), the Inlet flange (Vessel Side) size is 3"(DN 80) and outlet flange size 2”. It allows enough space for bolting clearance & insulation at vessel bottom flange. Our manufacturing range of Flush Bottom Solid Ball with ISO 5211 Mounting Pad Dimension and available in Steel Steel CF8/CF8M/CF3/CF3M/CN7M/WCB, SS 304/316/304L/316L/Alloy20/Hast Alloy/Cast Carbon Steel material. Flush Bottom Ball Valve with Motorized Electrical Actuator Operated and Pneumatic Actuator Operated also available with required accessories like Solenoid, Limit Switch, Filter Regulator, Relay, PID, Valve Positioner etc.














Jupiter Controls P.T.F.E. seated Ball Valves gives Zero Leakage, Tight Shut-Off and Low Torque with easy smooth operation at temperature ranging from -20° C. to +220° C. Electro-Polished, Buff Finish & Ultra clean valve also provided for Food & Pharmaceutical Industries on request.

At the time of enquiry and order below technical details & dimensions are must required, which is as under:

  • Center Bottom hole of Vessel

  • Vessel Bottom Flange Pad Thickness + Vessel Plate Thickness

  • Vessel Bottom Flange Drilling Standard

Generally standard Flush Bottom Ball Valves are used in carbon steel and different types of stainless steel materials. Other special materials are available upon special request.



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Design & Testing International Standard:

Valve Design:

BS 5351 / ANSI B 16.34 / API 6D

Pressure Testing: BS 6755 Part II / API 598 / API 6D

Face To Face: Mfg. Standard

Flange Drilling: ANSI B 16.5 / BS 10 Table / DIN / IS 6392

Butt Weld End: ANSI B 16.25

Socket Weld End: ANSI B 16.11

Screwed End: ANSI B 1.20.1(BSP/NPT)

Material of Construction:

Body / End Connector Piece: 

Cast Iron to ASTM A 126 Class B IS 210 GR. FG 200 / 220 / 260

Ductile Iron to ASTM A 536 Grade 65-45-12

Cast Carbon Steel to ASTM A 216 GR. WCB

Stainless Steel to ASTM A 351 GR. CF 8 / 8M / 3 / 3M

Hast Alloy B / C

ASTM A 351 GR. CN 7M (Alloy 20)


Stainless Steel to ASTM A 351 GR. CF 8 / 8M / 3 / 3M

Hast Alloy B / C

ASTM A 351 GR. CN 7M (Alloy 20)


AISI 410 (S.S. 410 13% Cr. Steel)

AISI 304 (S.S. 304)

AISI 316 (S.S. 316)

AISI 304L (S.S. 304L)

AISI 316L (S.S. 316L)

Hast Alloy B / C

Alloy 20

Ball Seat / Gland Seal / Stem Seal

P.T.F.E. Virgin

P.T.F.E. Glass Filled

P.T.F.E. Carbon Filled


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