Basket Type Strainerr

Bolted Cover Design, Basket Strainer 

Easy Removable filtering element Basket Strainer , Screen Available from 2 mesh to 800 mesh (up to 5 microns)
Fabricated Basket Strainer ,

Special on demand : Rubber Lined Basket Type Strainer, PTFE Lined Basket Type Strainer, Tailor Made Basket Type Strainer 

What is Basket Strainer

Basket Strainer designed for remove foreign matter from pipe lines and provides protection for pumps, meters, valves, and other similar mechanical equipment, which is called as Strainer.

Basket Strainers feature top removal of the screen. The screen is in the form of a basket, with a lifting handle, so that all particulate captured and retained by the screen can be easily removed for disposal. The particulate matter is captured in the strainer basket. The line is then temporarily shut down and the basket removed for cleaning or replacement. Baskets are fabricated from stainless perforated sheet. The Basket Strainer is also called as Pot Strainer. The strainer improves the clearance in the medium, and prolongs the life of valves; protect expensive pumps, meters and other equipments. It is suitable for water, Air, Gas, petroleum, steam and other fluids. 

Jupiter Controls of wide range of Industrial Strainer such as Basket Type Strainer, “Y” Type Strainer, Pot Type Strainer, “T” Type Strainer, Magnetic Type Y Strainer, Conical Strainer, Simplex Strainer, Inline Strainer, Basket Strainer, Duplex Basket Strainer etc. An official definition adopted by the Fluid Controls Institute is : “A closed vessel with cleanable screen element designed to remove and retain foreign particles down, Note the term “foreign particles”. Strainers do not necessarily remove only dirt. They take out material which is not wanted in the fluid and this can sometime be a valuable product which may be saved.

The strainer element (it can be for y type strainer for basket type strainer) is the heart of a strainer since this is where the unwanted material is trapped. Strainer baskets elements are made of perforated sheet metal and a wide range of opening sizes is available. The size of the basket perforation should be slightly smaller than the minimum particle size to be removed. Using a smaller perforation opening than necessary only means the basket will fill and clog more quickly and have to be cleaned more often. By the using of fine element mesh sheet along with peforated sheet can achive fine filtration up to 5 Micron.

Strainer basket element should be cleaned on a regular basis, not when they become clogged, to insure that they are not damaged by too high a differential pressure. One more reason for frequent cleaning is a phenomenon known as “runaway buildup”. As dirt in a strainer basket accumulates and as the mesh or perforations plug up, pressure drop increases. The curve of this pressure difference is not a straight line. It starts out as a low slope, but as the basket clogs more and more it turns upward faster and faster. As the dirt builds up the free open area in the basket gets smaller and smaller.



Design & Testing International Standard:


Design Std.                 : ASME 16.34 / 

Pressure Testing        : API 598

Face To Face            : ND 40

Flange Drilling           : ANSI B 16.5 / BS 10 Table / DIN / IS 6392

Pressure Rating         : 125#, 150#

Size Range                : 15mm (½”) To 300mm (12”) 


Material of Construction:


Body & Cover

  • Cast Iron to ASTM A 126 Class B

  •  IS 210 GR. FG 200 / 220 / 260

  • Cast Carbon Steel to ASTM A 216 GR. WCB

  • Stainless Steel to ASTM A 351 GR. CF 8 / 8M / 3 / 3M

  • Others on request

Mesh (Element)

☼ S.S. 304

☼ S.S. 316

☼ S.S. 304L

☼ S.S. 316L

☼ Brass


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