Balancing Valves

Jupiter Controls Valves believes in making things simple for our customers by providing a complete spectrum of valve metallurgy and services in our products through cutting edge engineering capabilities. Our Balancing Valves provide a full complement of size ranges, pressure ratings, operating temperatures, and fluid characteristics; including related services such as on-site commissioing for optimum performance. 

The salient features include :-

  • Precise double regulation

  • Tamper-proof setting, with handwheel or lockshield

  • Low flow-noise emission

  • With or without Drain Cocks

  • With or without Pressure Test Cocks

  • Positive shut-off

  • Can eliminate separate Flow Measuring Device.

  • Flanged in Cast iron Construction 3" upto 12"

  • PTFE Sealing upto 3" and EPDM for Cast iron Construction.

  • Economy in installation & Operation